Monday, 27 January 2014

Another Update

Hey all,

Just thought I'd post an update on what I have been up to with art and writing.
First off,

Last week I finished my blue line drawing "Portrait of a Starfish".
I should probably take the time to talk about why I call them 'portraits'.  Every drawing is unique. I would never be able to reproduce the same drawing again, like a fingerprint. These 'fingerprint drawings' are a sort of portrait of a moment in my life.
When I finished the first of the animal series, I thought that the bronze on black reminded me of scales of a fish. That is when I decided that I to do more portraits of animals.
So far there will be:
- Fish
- Starfish
- Tiger
- Bumblebee
- Crocodile
- Dragon
- Unicorn
There might be more, not sure.

I have already started the Tiger drawing:

I have also just finished a painting. It is an abstract oil on canvas painting called 'Shallow Waters' and should be up on my website now :

My next painting will be of another girl, which I will start this week at some point.

I have also been sewing:
 Though it's going slowly.


I have been editing my children's Picture Story Book and trying to think of the best way to go forward in regards to getting it published.
I have also been thinking about how I'd like the illustration to look (because I would like to illustrate it).

I have also been thinking of ideas for a short story. I had been working on one all last year and then, when I got to the end of the year, realised it wasn't working. There was no climax or tension in it.
So, for the last two weeks, I had been thinking of different ideas where there will hopefully be a climax and some tension.
It will be fantasy.

I have also been working on my main fantasy story. I'm slowly but surly building up the world while writing short stories to go with it.

Anyway, that's what I have been up to in the last week or more.

Talk to you again soon :)

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