Saturday, 28 December 2013

Progress- My addiction.

It had been awhile since I had made anymore progress on my new Line Drawing.
For those who don't know what I mean when I talk about Line Drawings; they are drawings of lines which swirl and play tricks on your eyes. In a way they remind me of fingerprints, because each drawing is unique, which is why I say they are like self-portraits. Each line is an expression of myself.

So this is the progress I have made on my new Line Drawing (Untitled as of now).

That was awhile ago, I'm not sure if I have any other photos of it in between then and today.
But here is where I'm up to now.

And a detail shot:
I reckon I'd be able to finish it this weekend, if I knew my pen would not run out. 

Hello, again.
On my website, I have recently added two new works:
"Bird house"
and "The Girl in Orange"
Both paintings were Christmas presents I made, "Bird House" was for my Nan and Pa and "The Girl in Orange" was for my Auntie.
I had a lot of fun painting these and it got me back into doing art again, after being uninspired for so long. 

As soon as I can I will be getting more canvas and doing more paintings.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Welcome (Again)

Hello all, and welcome to my (slightly) new blog.

I'm starting this blog from scratch, again, because I neglected it for awhile. It will be about my art and writing and anything else I feel like posting.

It's almost the new year now and I have decided I will do my new year's resolutions now.

1- get my picture story book published (last year I tried but it was rejected)
2- put some of my art work in an exhibition (have not done that for a year now)
3- finish writing both of my fantasy short stories (which I have been working on all last year)
4- have something published in a magazine (either a short story or an artwork or both)
5- travel (anywhere, I don't care)
6- read, read, read, read (I do this anyway, but I want to have one that I KNOW I can fulfil)
7- pass my martial arts gradings
8- get into a routine (a proper one) where I have dedicated time to write or create art
9- find a new job (which I can create a proper routine around)
10- Start writing at least one novel.

So, maybe a little ambitious, but I WILL keep you posted (maybe I should add that to my list).

Please feel free to comment or follow this blog,

Goodbye, for now.