Friday, 27 December 2013

Welcome (Again)

Hello all, and welcome to my (slightly) new blog.

I'm starting this blog from scratch, again, because I neglected it for awhile. It will be about my art and writing and anything else I feel like posting.

It's almost the new year now and I have decided I will do my new year's resolutions now.

1- get my picture story book published (last year I tried but it was rejected)
2- put some of my art work in an exhibition (have not done that for a year now)
3- finish writing both of my fantasy short stories (which I have been working on all last year)
4- have something published in a magazine (either a short story or an artwork or both)
5- travel (anywhere, I don't care)
6- read, read, read, read (I do this anyway, but I want to have one that I KNOW I can fulfil)
7- pass my martial arts gradings
8- get into a routine (a proper one) where I have dedicated time to write or create art
9- find a new job (which I can create a proper routine around)
10- Start writing at least one novel.

So, maybe a little ambitious, but I WILL keep you posted (maybe I should add that to my list).

Please feel free to comment or follow this blog,

Goodbye, for now.

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